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Subject: RE: US national average credit score, “States with the best credit scores” II

Do you mean to tell me that you actually believe that the national average credit score could have decreased by 22 points in 11 days?

No way.  Really?

Chicago Union Station, TO ALL TRAINS
Chicago Union Station, TO ALL TRAINS

On a recent whistle stop trip to New York (via Chicago), I was able to make a small dent in the misinformation about credit scores.  However, these things have a life of their own, and I am not sure that Oprah Winfrey got my message (sent directly to her lawyer, however!).  The inaccuracy on her website still exists.  She even published this: “That history is digested by a company called Fair Isaac and converted into your credit score, which ranges from 350 to 800.”

Ha, ha!

That’s not true, of course, and it’s an old story.  But, even the New York Times fell for Experian’s campaign, so don’t feel bad.  Like the Times (until enlightened), you’re just in a Funk.

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New Year’s Day:

The Better Business Bureau indicates that the primary contact for is David Vaughn.

A- is the BBB rating, and that is the same rating for Central Source LLC, the company whose telephone number is the same as  The addresses associated with each of those identities are slightly different (PO Box 105281 vs. 105283).

The BBB states that Central Source LLC’s alternate business name is’s alternate business name is Annual Credit Report Request Service, TransUnion.

There is no BBB listing for Annual Credit Report Request Service, TransUnion, however is listed as an aka for TransUnion.

Managers listed by the State of Florida Department of State Division of Corporations for Central Source LLC are Kent Mast, John Blenke, and Jason Engel.


Average, credit score, Better Business Bureau (BBB)

See Fake-O FICO Funk.

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Subject: credit score, average

You wrote, “Average FICO scores for U.S. consumers are around 690.”

Who is your source for that figure?