Credit score myth on Wikipedia dies after 654 days

New encyclopedia game contestant Kat Malone removed Wikipedia’s 678 credit score myth on May 22, 2009, after it stood for one year and 9 months.

The user challenged the 678 myth in the Wikipedia article “Credit score (United States)” with the deadly wiki “citation needed” flag.

Other important and controversial changes in the wiki include capitalizing the word corporation, and that the FICO score scale is between “300 and 800 (per Barack Obama),” “300 and 850,” and “300 and 800 (change it back, I dare you).”

The wiki is a top-ten result for the term credit score at search engines Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Website covers the wiki folly and wiki myth at “Influence: Media, Wikipedia” and “Fake-O FICO Funk.”  The credit score website’s author even traveled to San Francisco to alert Wikipedia in person, but was unsuccessful because Wikipedia’s headquarters address is secret.

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