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Hannah Emple, policy analyst, Asset Building Program
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Among other mentions of credit scores on the same page, you wrote, “So if credit scores are error-prone and not a great measure of employability, what ARE they really showing?”

While that does not say, specifically, that employers use credit scores, previously, making your misunderstanding clear, you wrote, “Landlords, employers, utility providers, and others are using credit scores to make determinations about who is permitted to rent a home or who is hired.”

You also link to the New York Times May 11 story, “The Long Shadow of Bad Credit in a Job Search.”  In other recent items, the Times has it wrong, too.

Employers do not use credit scores.  But, if you have evidence (you would be the first), please substantiate your claim with it.  You’re not the first to make that error, and I predict that you won’t be the last.  Unfortunately, the myth is so deep and broad that it is now affecting laws.

How do you correct errors of fact that you have presented?

Greg Fisher
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