TransUnion, what is a credit rating? Zen & coffee w/Audrey

CoffeeCup - HTML and Web Design SoftwareThe home page of TransUnion’s website leads to a very mysterious place:  Omaha!

See What is a credit rating? Halloween, 2012 – Credit scares: Various definitions of a loosely used term”

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2012 12:39 PM
To: Clifton O’Neal, senior director, Corporate Communications, TransUnion
Subject: credit rating, TransUnion

Ask Audrey
Credit Columnist

Dear Audrey:

What is a credit rating?

I’m on a quixotic journey to find the meaning of that term.  On your Q&A web page titled, “Debt management, credit counseling and credit rating | TransUnion,” you fail to use the term credit rating your answer.  In another instance, using the definite article, you refer to the credit rating, as if it is some specific thing.

So, how do I get my credit rating?  I’d love to see it.

But, before you answer those questions, could you explain why your subdomain leads to a website about coffee?  Are you renting it out to make some extra cash?  Is everything alright?

Greg Fisher
The Credit Scoring Site
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio  45409-0342

PS:  BTW, who does that rendition of “The Coffee Song”?  That one and Frank Sinatra’s make me want a cuppa right now!