News tip on a silver platter: Experian uses the jobs and credit scores myth again

First, Experian gets blasted by a U.S. senator and the FTC over its goofy ads.

Next, in a brilliant, original marketing strategy, Experian creates a whole new thing (with another band) at

Then, on August 9, from its Twitter account, Experian tweets… to help get you closer to that job offer (the one that requires a background check complete with credit score!).

[direct link to the Tweet:!/FCSdotcom/status/100998248868741120]

Meanwhile, John Peace, the guy in charge (who just passed the second anniversary of his resignation), is knighted.

Journalists, news organizations, bloggers (at least the ones with guts)–here’s your chance.  Your question for Experian: What job offer requires a credit score?

Ask it, and then just step back and let the fun begin!

But wait, there’s more.  And, even moreAnd more, still.

[Direct link to the Tweet: