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Subject: credit score, employers, Gannett, USA Today, 2011-06-05

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Yesterday, you published, “Credit scores can determine whether you get a mortgage and what the rate is; whether you qualify for a car loan, a credit card, a rental apartment or insurance; and, in recent years, even whether you get a job.”

However, in another story, you reported:  “When employers request information from the credit-reporting agencies, they get a report designed for employers or companies that screen employees. They don’t get the same report provided to lenders. And they don’t get your credit score, the numerical figure lenders use to assess the likelihood you’ll repay a loan, Levin says.”

Further, you also provide a link to a story that states: “In listing the ways that credit scores can be used, I wrote that potential employers look at your credit score to see if you’re under financial stress. Greg Fisher, who runs the website, called me out on my mistake.”

Who is your source regarding credit score use by employers?

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