Adjust the start and end times of videos in a YouTube playlist

Video website YouTube now has an advanced feature that enables users to create playlists that do not play entire videos.  You can configure the in and out points of videos that you include in a playlist, and leave the other parts out.

In other words, a viewer can watch a sequence of segments of separate videos without doing anything, as the playlist automatically jumps from video segment to video segment.  After adding a video to a playlist, the playlist creator can adjust “the start and end times.”  There is a 15 second minimum length for each segment.

Here is an example of this function.  Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them.  However, that fact doesn’t stop anybody from flap-yapping scary misinformation.  Today, there are 7 videos in this playlist.  It jumps right to the place in the video that is relevant, plays only the few seconds that are relevant, then jumps to the same in the next video.  Watch below, on this website, or watch on to see the videos play on the individual pages of the creators.  The creators of those videos are out of control and should take responsibility for their errors.  See the messages to some of them elsewhere on this website.

This situation has existed for years.  It is pathetic.

Credit score urban myth by the numbers

Video 1: 3021 views in 2 years
Video 2. 396 views in 6 months

The Young Turks

“Should Employers Check Credit Scores?”: 13,142 in 4 days

“The Young Turks” host said, “So, who gives a damn what their credit score is?”

The consumer reporting agencies all state that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes.

[email to The Young Turks]

The Young Turks spread urban myth about credit scores and employers

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 4:17 PM
To: Ana Kasparian, co-host and producer, The Young Turks
Cc: Cenk Uygur, host, The Young Turks
Subject: credit score, employers, The Young Turks

You said, “They’re specifically targeting TransUnion, which is a privately owned company that gives employers access to credit scores.”

However, TransUnion stated, “There’s no such thing as a credit score in employment.”

What is your correction policy?

Greg Fisher
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