Florida SB 100, 2013

From: Greg Fisher [mailto:greg@creditscoring.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:35 PM
To: Jim Turner, reporter, Sunshine State News
Subject: credit score, employers, Florida, SB 100

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The Connecticut legislature was misinformed by its witnesses.  Employers do not use credit scores.

However, you wrote, “Proponents see the effort as a means to eliminate a Catch 22: You can’t improve your credit score because you don’t have a job, yet you can’t get a job because of your bad credit score.”

Who is your source regarding credit score use by employers?

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Employers credit score Catch-22 myth, Tribune Co.

From: Greg Fisher
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2011
To: Valerie S. Androutsopoulos, principal, Vangel Paper Inc.
Cc: Julie Bykowicz, reporter, Baltimore Sun, Tribune Co.
Subject: credit score, employers, Baltimore Sun, Tribune Company, 2011-03-20

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The Baltimore Sun reported, “[Vangel Paper co-owner Valerie S.] Androutsopoulos said she doesn’t have blanket rules about using the reports and tends to ignore bad credit scores if they involve medical or education debts or mortgage issues.”

What is the name of the party who provides you with credit scores for employment purposes?

Greg Fisher
The Credit Scoring Site
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