Credit scores used by employers Nonbeliever: Experian

“Employers never receive a credit score.” – Experian U.S. public education director Rod Griffin on Bankrate, Inc.’s (undated)
Experian is a Nonbeliever, sort of.
Meanwhile, in a related development, before the mother lode of all corrections (Oct. 25, 2011), Bankrate, Inc. flagship used to say: “Credit reports and credit scores show up in the background checks employers increasingly order at the time of hire or promotion.”
That’s gone.  But, unfortunately–for Martin Halusa, Apax Partners CEO, Peter C. Morse, Bankrate, Inc. chairman and, foremost, readers–the residue of syndication lingers on the website of the company whose sucker chairman is Roy Bostock
*refers to the website, not the chairman

Two and Two: FICO score factors,, Bankrate, Inc.

“FICO scores don’t punish people for having a lot of credit cards.” – Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D., “longtime correspondent for Credit Card Guide” 
Too many bank/national revolving accounts” –  “US FICO credit risk score reason codes,” Fair Isaac (FICO)
“Consumers with a moderate number of credit accounts appearing on their credit bureau report represent lower risk than consumers with either a relatively large number of credit accounts or a very limited number of credit accounts.” – FICO Score Factors Guide” – ScoreInfo, Fair Isaac (FICO)

Bankrate and Fox Business spread urban legend that employers use credit scores

Contact with London, New York, North Palm Beach and Austin

Also, see: 

    • Employers may look at your credit score when you’re applying for a job, and landlords look at it for prospective renters,” he (Scott Crawford, CEO and co-founder of says.”
    • “The general statement won’t affect your FICO credit score, but employers can’t look at your FICO score anyway, says Larry Lambeth, president of Employment Screening Services, a company that provides pre-employment screenings for more than 6,000 companies in the United States and abroad.”
    • “Credit scores, on the other hand, shouldn’t ever be viewed by employers.”
    • “Credit reports and credit scores show up in the background checks employers increasingly order at the time of hire or promotion.”
    • “Contrary to popular belief, employers can only see your credit report, not your credit score.”
    • “Watch this video from to see how widespread this falsehood is.”


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You published, “For one thing, even if you’re not looking at your score, your prospective employer may.”

The consumer reporting agencies all state that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes.  Even your own website,, states, “’There’s a misconception that scores are used, and scores are not used,’ says Steven R. Katz, spokesman for Chicago-based agency TransUnion.”

Will you make a correction?

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