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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 10:51 AM
Subject: credit score, employers, Center for Responsible Lending

In response to Diane Rehm’s question about credit score use in pre-employment screening, you did not disagree with the premise:  Employers use credit scores.

What evidence suggests that employers use credit scores?

What is the name of an employer who uses credit scores?


DIANE REHM:  We have heard from various callers and e-mailers that if you walk away from your home– if your credit score is bad-bad-bad– that your next potential employer may look at that score– may look at that record– and that that record could be held against you.  Julia?

JULIA GORDON:  More and more employers are doing credit checks before they hire somebody.  So, ruining your credit score can have all sorts of anticipated and unanticipated consequences, which is why, again, I would really encourage people:  If your credit is good, and you have the opportunity not to become delinquent on a loan, please don’t.

Debt utilization, how much owed compared to capacity to borrow, ABC News

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To: Alice Gomstyn
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You wrote, “Peters says that nearly a third of your credit score is dependent on how much you owe, compared to how much you have the capacity to borrow — your debt utilization.”


If that ratio represents almost a third of the FICO score, then what percentage does the “Number of accounts with balances” represent?

Michigan legislator on credit scores in employment

See .


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Cc: Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon; Todd Heywood, The Michigan Messenger
Date:  March 17, 2009

You said, “If employers are allowed to continue using credit scores in hiring decisions, many hard-working people will be unfairly penalized.”

What evidence suggests that employers use credit scores in hiring decisions?