Cub reporters document employers saying they use credit scores

Recently, a Reuters blogger said that the CEO of credit score company FICO told him that employers use credit scores.

But despite FICO’s claim and the rest of the hoopla, only two employers have admitted it.

A Virginia television station obtained video footage of a credit union representative saying “Being a financial institution we have a set level its yes or no. If the credit score is below a certain number, then there’s nothing we can do about it.”


In Texas, a television reporter interviews a bank senior vice president who said, “If someone is going to be handling your money and their credit score reflects irresponsibility with money— with their own money– then there may be some concern that they might be irresponsible with your funds, too.”

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Consumer reporting agencies Equifax, TransUnion and Experian all state that they do not provide credit scores for employment screening.

Despite that, the anchor at the CBSowned television station in Dallas asks the financial expert and analyst to explain it all to us:

KTVT CBS 11, Dallas financial expert and analyst explains it all to us
KTVT CBS 11, Dallas financial expert and analyst explains it all to us

It is today’s #1 hit in Yahoo News for the term “credit score” (complete with a picture).  You can’t buy that kind of ranking.

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You wrote, “In this economy, your credit score is more important than ever before, as prospective employers are looking at them to help in hiring decisions.”

Who is your source regarding credit score use by employers?