Impossible zero credit score: Ulzheimer 1, Ramsey 0

Exploding Dave Ramsey’s Zero Credit Score Myth on Ramsey’s Home Turf

Following the Credit CARD Act becoming effective,’s John Ulzheimer appeared on the FOX Business Network  (“the only business network in true high definition”) this morning in a segment called “Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score.”

Cross-promoting “financial expert” blowhard Dave Ramsey, anchor Brian Sullivan referred to his colleague saying, snarkily, “I am sure you are very familiar with a guy named Dave Ramsey, right?” (3:00)

On the other hand, his tone, dripping with sarcasm, could have been evidence of utter disdain for Ramsey’s schtick.

Unimpressed, Ulzheimer said: “I’m familiar with Dave.  Yes.” 

Sullivan repeats the mantra that Ramsey’s score is “famously zero” and qualifies it with “or low” (and fails to mention that it could be nonexistent).

The guest chuckles and says that that is incorrect because a person cannot have a score of zero because the scale is 300 to 850.

The host interrupted the guest when he made that point. Ulzheimer politely allowed him to speak, then finished the interview.

Let’s hope FBN has Ulzheimer back on the air even though he flogged the interviewer and the crazy zero claim.  Outside of the FICO company itself (and even that is questionable), nobody knows more about– and can better explain– credit scores.  Get his book if you don’t believe it.

So, what is so bad about Ramsey saying that his FICO credit score is zero?  Imagine a guy who hears that his score is 425 and thinks he’s halfway to 850 when, in reality, his score is in the lowest 2%.  Perhaps it is the fault of the FICO company with its arcane scale (instead of something logical like 0 to 1000), but it is what it is.

Mr. Ramsey, tell the truth.  What are your scores, really?


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