Slapdash research

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 1:18 PM
To: Tim Grant, reporter, personal finance, housing and banking, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Block Communications)
Subject: RE: credit score, employers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, anonymity II

See this message and your response at

You still have not answered the questions.  I will reiterate.

You wrote

With the possible exception of your Social Security number, your credit score might be the most important number in your life.

It affects every area of personal finances as far as the interest rates paid on loans, premiums for insurance and in some cases whether or not someone qualifies to work in certain career fields.

I asked for your source regarding credit score use by employers. You replied: “Sorry for the very delayed response, but I’m been swamped with urgent assignments and projects. From what I understand based on the research I’ve done, a bankruptcy or a very low credit score can impact a person’s security clearance for certain government jobs.”

Then, I asked if you intended to use anonymous sources. I have not received your reply, and there is no correction at the bottom of the article. It is intact, and anybody reading it will be misinformed.

Now you write: “The importance of credit reports and credit scores has gone way beyond the original purpose of gauging the likelihood of someone repaying a loan. Insurance companies use them to determine who is a safe driver and employers use them to evaluate potential employees.”

Who are your sources?

What is unclear about my question from January of 2011?

The newspaper you write for, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has not responded to a message I sent 24 hours ago. And, lest you or the people running your organization think that you operate in a vacuum, see your false words copied and republished elsewhere by Technology Marketing Corporation.

I am not putting up with it. Employers do not use credit scores. I looked into it. Tell your publisher, and reply today.

Greg Fisher
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