Employers credit score Catch-22 myth, Tribune Co. IV

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It has been a contentious and rocky road, but Maryland media may finally be getting it (it’s a start, anyway) right.

After publishing

[Vangel Paper co-owner Valerie S.] Androutsopoulos said she doesn’t have blanket rules about using the reports and tends to ignore bad credit scores if they involve medical or education debts or mortgage issues,

the Baltimore Sun (“Light for All”) publshed a follow-up: 

Employers already are barred from seeing a person’s credit score, but the Assembly wants to limit their ability to access the entire report.

Regarding the first piece, the paper’s politics and government editor wrote:

Mr. Fisher:

Thank you for calling this issue to our attention. We have run a correction in our print and online editions.

However, the correction does not appear on the paper’s errors and corrections (named “Corrections and Clarifications”) web page.  Further, other items from the same fold are still wrong

It does not stop with media.